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Sometimes in life You are forced to make some changes… so let me introduce You to mine.

I decided to switch my gear to Apple in the matter of photography workstation. At the end of last year I changed my old photographic  monitor to a professional one. Along with that I decided to change my web site. I was not satisfied with the old one because it would not allow me to upload as many pictures as I wanted to and it also would not allow me to write captions for my pictures. All that was (and as I am writing that still is) a big reorganization of my photo business. My whole workflow, the way I treat my photos from start to finish, was changed. At first I thought that the process of changing the platform from Windows to OS X will be painful but now I have to admit that it was a pleasant process. Additionally, You also have to know that I have a degree in computer science and in the past I was working with Windows and Linux. Windows was a good system for me, but not for my photo business. That became a main reason why I decided to change Windows for OS X. From the beginning I new that it might not be easy for me to change all of my Windows habits into OS X habits; that’s why I decided to transfer of my information from my Windows computer onto on the Apple one right away. It forced me to adjust myself to the new system really quickly and enabled to develop my business in a lot faster pace.

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You may ask why I did the switch if I liked Windows. The answer is really simple.  My photography shifted a bit towards shooting in a certain locations. I have more and more assignments that I have to travel for. Also internet and social media are forcing us on event assignments to produce photos instantly. I needed a reliable computer that will enable me to work from wherever I shoot pictures at. Last year I bought laptop just for photography work, but this was not a solution for my problem. When I had my laptop with me I didn’t had all my tools. By tools I mean all the settings that I have on my workstation. Each time I was preparing myself for a job I had to transfer a lot of new tools  to my laptop. That was time-consuming and frustrating. I hate to waste my time on such pointless activities. I needed a solution I could rely on everyday and when I needed I could take all the gear with me and work as I work at my office. That is why I picked MacBook over just a usual laptop. Time will verify if that was a good decision, but at the moment (after few months) I am pretty happy.

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Simple example. When I am writing this text I am sitting at the Katowice Airport waiting for a plane to photo shoot at Madrid and I am working as I would work at my office. Sure I don’t have all my external hard drives etc., but I have most of my stuff with me. Since my flight was delayed I could process additional photos for my customer, write few emails and work on this www. Sure I could do that with just a usual laptop, but with clean system and no actual data my work would not be as nearly creative as it is now.
Changing system was an opportunity to clean all my portfolio and process my old photos with new tools and new knowledge. I didn’t realize that it would be so much work, but now I think that it was worth the time I spent on it. It was a pleasant journey to go through all of my old photos and revisit all the places I saw. I was amazed with what I could do with my old RAW files.
To sum up, this is a new beginning of my website and my blog. I will try to post all my new photo shoots and also report all my old activities. So dear reader please be kind and patient when You see some post from the past, all the new things will also come. It has been a long time since I was running a blog so I am excited but also a bit nervous. We will see what the future will bring.

I am excited to present new blog picture presentation…. just scroll down 😉

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